Why Florida Is A Popular Holiday Spot

With available travel destinations becoming a very short list these days, Florida seems to be topping the list.  While the state itself gets its fair share of mockery for its residents depending on the region of the state, there is no denying it is an enticing option during these strange times (and winter months).  Let’s take a look at why Florida has become THE spot.

  1. It never shut down.  While Florida has taken COVID precautions throughout the past year, it never fully endured the widespread shutdowns that have decimated other areas such as LA and New York City. 
  2. The weather gives lots of “COVID-safe options.”  With warm weather in most of the state throughout the year, there are ample options for outdoor activities.  Whether it is the beach, a theme park, outdoor dining or outdoor shopping,  there are options which do not require you being crammed with people indoors.
  3. The theme parks.  Even though there are COVID protocols in place, Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens are still open and drawing crowds.  We actually visited Disney in December and while the all day masks outdoors were a nuisance, it was a great time and a nice break from the solemn reality of the past year.  
  4.  You can still get dressed up and go out.  The restaurants and bars are open.  They have their own standards in regards to dealing with COVID but, they are open.  Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale are still crawling with beautiful people.  Southwest Florida is still packed with retirees doing golf and dinner.  Life is different but feels way more normal than in many other parts of the country.
  5. It’s relatively inexpensive.  With so many different options, there is something for everyone and every budget.  You can stay in a penthouse overlooking South Beach or, you can get a little condo on the panhandle.  There are options for everyone.
  6. The economy is getting hotter.  Florida is wide open, has fantastic weather and amenities and, no state income tax.  With an economy that has been driven by tourism, things are changing.  Companies are fleeing areas like LA and NYC and moving their HQ to Florida.  While real estate is not cheap, it is way more economical when compared to places like California and New York and the taxes are exceptionally reasonable.  Cities like Naples, Tampa and the Orlando area are set to become even bigger players for multinational companies over the next several years.
  7. The Governor is doing many things right.  Let’s not talk red versus blue but, Governor DeSantis is becoming an example of how to deal with a pandemic and not destroy an economy. His vaccine roll outs are going better than other similar states, his policies are keeping people in business and his COVID case numbers are not any worse than places that took more extreme lockdown measures.  
  8. It’s got beaches.  Maybe this is redundant but come on, an open state that has miles and miles of coastline?  There are worse places to make your home base during COVID and many people have had enough of their situations and are looking for a bit brighter life, figuratively and literally.
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  1. Great article and very true. I would also like to point out that St Pete Beach was named the nation’s best beach and 5th best globally. We have seen a very steady growth in real estate sales.


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