What We Are Listening To-November

End of November and we have not updated our playlist. It has been a strange month for us so, keep that in mind and please, judgement free on the selections below.

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Drive-By Truckers:  Decoration Day

The DBT are on constant rotation.  If you have never heard them before, you are in for a serious treat and we are jealous of your musical ignorance.  Think 3 lead guitarists, 3 lead vocalists and hard hitting rock tunes and ballads.  And yes, Jason Isbell was still in the band on this record.  Don’t worry.  We are sure he we show up solo one of these months.  You are going to want to check out the band’s full catalog but this is a good entry point.

Bad Religion:  All Ages

OK, so a greatest hits record that is 25 years old and the band is still putting out new music?  Bad Religion not only still get us moving in the gym but we are still adding to our vocabulary thanks to Greg Graffin’s amazing lyrics.  We may not always align politically but man, we love this band.

American Aquarium:  Things Change

We have been fans of this BJ Barham led country band for a long time.  Basically, the entire band has changed but Barham has remained the constant and that’s what matters.  His hard hitting lyrics and unique voice are something special.  The man from Raleigh, NC really knows how to sing a tune and this record has been playing nonstop for a few weeks now.  Things Change is a good start to their catalog.  

Slipknot-All Hope is Gone

We told you, it has been a weird month.  Snuff came on our playlist and we ended back down a several year old Slipknot rabbit hole.  They still got it and we still love to hammer out the weights to Corey Taylor screaming his feelings.

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