What We Are Listening To-January Edition

While we normally discuss music we had on repeat, this month has been a bit different.  We have actually been listening to podcasts during our workouts to try and get some laughs and at times, some knowledge in.  Time has been tight this month so this has been a pretty good way to get some entertainment while we do something productive.  Here is what has been going in our ears this month.

Tim Dillon.  We covered Tim Dillon fairly extensively here.  Since then, his popularity has only grown as he has been on podcasts with everyone from Logan Paul to Whitney Cummings.  Dillon puts out a weekly, free podcast and also adds more content via his Patreon.  If you have not been listening, we suggest you catch up on perhaps one of the most entertaining stories to come of 2021, his war with 2 Airbnb hosts.  As we mentioned before, Dillon is both smart and insanely funny so this podcast is on regular weekly rotation for us.

Mike Catherwood.  If you are from LA, there is a good chance you are familiar with Mike Catherwood or, his nickname, Psycho Mike.  Catherwood has had an extensive career in radio which even helped him land a spot on Dancing With the Stars.  He is close friends with Jason Ellis, cohosted Love Line with Dr. Drew, and has made several appearances on The Fighter and The Kid as well.  Catherwood has recently started his own wellness oriented podcast named Mikey Likes You.  Here, Catherwood offers his guidance and opinions on everything from nutrition to supplements to workout regimens and sometimes also has pretty notable guests on as well.  It is candid, well thought out and pretty straight forward.  His take on fitness as well as his experience as a recovering addict for the last couple decades is a fresh change from the hundreds of other fitness podcasts out there.  Typically, he releases an episode a week but he also offers a paid plan as well for more access.  Give it a whirl.

Mike Catherwood
Mike Catherwood

Joe Rogan.  We are pretty sure Mr. Rogan does not need an introduction as he has the most popular podcast on the planet.  But, a quick refresher.  Rogan recently signed a $100M deal with Spotify who exclusively hosts his podcasts.  He has had everyone from Elon Musk to Bernie Sanders to Mike Tyson on his podcast.  While we have been longtime fans of the podcast, we admittedly gave it a break unless there was a specific guest we wanted to hear.  Lately, the guests have been extremely intriguing and we are back on the Rogan kick.  This past month, we have enjoyed Tulsi Gabbard, The Undertaker and Lex Fridman to name a few.  We felt like the podcast was getting a bit repetitive a year or 2 ago with Rogan’s common crew on rotation but it has been new and refreshing as of late.

There you go, our January playlist.  It may only be 3 podcasts but, there is enough content with these choices to get you through several commutes or workouts.  And remember, many of these are rabbit holes as you find out the guests on these podcasts have their own podcasts…

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