What We Are Listening To-February Edition

Although February is a short month, we have made the most of it.  We have been committed to our daily walks which are in addition to our normal work outs.  Aside from the obvious physical and mental upsides discussed here, we have also been able to log some listening hours.  Here is what has been on our playlists this month.

Jordan Peterson.  Guess who is back and with a few new podcasts?  Mr. Lobster himself.  While Peterson’s podcasts are anything but easy listening, we cannot help but indulge.  It is an added bonus when he has fantastic guests on like he has of late including, Gad Saad.

John Moreland.  If you have not listened to John Moreland, you are in for a treat.  A singer songwriter from Oklahoma, Moreland’s songs can go from dark to darker and sometimes, that’s how we like them.  For us, we have been listening to 2013’s In the Throes.  If he is applauded by the likes of Ben Nichols and Jason Isbell, chances are you may dig him too.

Tim Dillon.  OK, so by now you may not be surprised to see this name on the list but, we cannot help it.  Dillon is a weekly staple and he has been on fire lately.  His popularity is booming and it is well deserved.  Besides his weekly podcast, we have listened to him on Joe Rogan Experience and, even on Logan Paul’s podcast.  He is great on all platforms but, his weekly show is hands down where you will get the full Dillon experience.

Guns N’ Roses.  We never said we did not get nostalgic on occasion.  We have been wearing out the Use Your Illusion albums the last few weeks.  Not sure it gets much better than “Civil War,” “Estranged,” or “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.”  We cannot help ourselves.  This is not earth shattering but maybe, just maybe, we remind you of how great they once were.

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