Tips for Flying During the Pandemic

While we covered some travel ideas a couple months back, we thought it was time for a bit targeted post specific to flying.  Many of us have been grounded now going on 7 months.  Maybe even longer if you live in Europe or Asia.  However, one of our contributors has ventured on a few domestic US flights over the past 3 months and aside from some obvious discomforts and inconveniences, he has had no major issues to report.  He wanted to give a quick rundown and offer his observations and advice if you choose to fly the Covid skies over the coming months.

Get a Comfortable Mask

Inside of a plane person on phone

As with most activities these days, masks are required when traveling.  Depending on your travel plans, you may find yourself in a mask for a very long time.  Unless eating or drinking, masks are typically required inside airports, on airplanes, in car rental lines, during check in etc.  If you are thinking of taking your mask off, maybe think twice as there have been hundreds of people banned for life from flying certain airlines due to their noncompliance with masks.  Instead, maybe just focus on the positive that you are able to move about freely and get yourself a comfortable mask that meets airline regulations (no vent, no gaitor style, and no bandanas).  Here are some suggestions:

Pack Some Snacks

One major observation during recent travels has been the lack of open restaurants and other food options inside airports.  Many regional airports have opted to keep eateries and quick serve restaurants closed and only have limited options.  Additionally, in flight options are minimal these days.  Typically a small water and a small snack bag of something salty.  To make things easier (and cheaper), the suggestion is bringing an empty water bottle of some sort through security and packing some filling and healthy snack options in your carry-on luggage.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Carry-on Your Luggage

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With limited seats available on some airlines and general traffic down, there is more room for your luggage onboard the plane.  So, unless you have a plethora of stuff to pack, opt to save yourself some time and potentially some baggage fees and carry your luggage on.  Not too much to elaborate on this subject other than the fact you are highly likely to have a spot for your bag even if you struggled to prior to the pandemic.  Hey, there is one positive, right?  Here are a few suggestions if you need to upgrade your luggage game:

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Some destinations and offerings have seen massive discounts since March.  Hotels, car rentals and airfare can all be had for a steal if you have flexible travel plans and hit the right timing.  However, we have also found that prices have maintained or in some cases, even increased across the board as well.  With this one, timing and flexibility is everything.  We have heard friends book Christmas travel from Boston to Fort Lauderdale for $90 roundtrip airfare.  We have also had friends book Atlanta to Orlando flights and paid $300 roundtrip.  So, timing and flexibility are key.

Enjoy Yourself

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Look, 2020 has been a bitch of a year and as of posting, we still have 3 months left to go.  We are not suggesting forgetting all safety protocols and swapping spit with half your plane but, we are telling you to enjoy yourself.  Even a quick weekend trip just to escape the monotony of daily life can bring some normalcy back to your mind and your body.  Hop down South and enjoy some sun for a couple days.  Head out West and go off the grid for a weekend.  Whatever your thing, make the decision and do it.  Do it safely, but do it and enjoy yourself.

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