Tim Dillon-The Comedian We Need

2020 hasn’t been a complete bust as it has brought the rise of a new comedian.  Not only a comedian we need but one we deserve.  Tim Dillon is that comedian.  Although he has been a part of the comedy scene for roughly a decade, the events of the last 12-18 months have truly aligned perfectly with his material and he has really hit his stride.

Tim Dillon as Meghan McCain

Hailing from Long Island, Dillon absolutely carries the tough, loud bravado that New Yorkers at least used to be known for.  A true son of the city, Dillon used to even work as a New York City tour guide.  Growing up in an Irish Catholic household with a seemingly apathetic father and according to Dillon, a schizophrenic mother, he has plenty of history to inspire his comedy.  Perhaps nothing is more hilarious than his stories of selling subprime mortgages including a subprime mortgage of his own which left him completely bankrupt and without any credit.

Dillon’s stories of his troubled, cocaine-laden past are both equally tragic and hysterically funny and no doubt make him the bolden character he is today.  His engaging personality has not gone unnoticed as Dillon has been invited to appear on Joe Rogan’s $100M podcast multiple times including a pre-election episode with Alex Jones


Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Tim Dillon on the set of Rogan’s podcast

Considering stand-up comedy has been basically on a hiatus due to COVID, Dillon’s weekly podcast has been a refreshing moment of hilarity that breaks away from the normal “woke comedy” that we are subjected to.  Dillon’s comedy is matched by his sometimes surprising intelligence and knowledge of economics, policy, politics and history.  Both openly gay and somewhat conservative, Dillon’s views on current events offer the majority of us who are somewhat at the mercy of the powers that be, the outlook many of us can resonate with.  At times very serious, he still cannot help but laugh at the insanity of it all with the very clear message that nobody gives a damn about you and you only get one chance at life so, make the most of it.

As with most podcasts, Dillon has his share of sponsors.  The difference, Dillon’s ads are more comedic gold.  From his insane stories about low car cereal to his weekly rants about wallets, even the ads will have you laughing your ass off.  Dillon is not slouch at his own merchandise either.  After a recent bit about “doing fake business” blew up, Dillon had his own merch made.   

Ultimately, Dillon is a dichotomy of insanity and well thought out commentary on life.  He can release a ridiculous video where dresses up as COVID, get blocked on Twitter by Meghan McCain, and he can have a fairly serious podcast with Candace Owens.  With a million podcasts to choose from and more and more comedians trying to make a name for themselves via social media, Dillon still stands out from the crowd.  If you prefer your humor with a side of intellect and you’re not easily offended, give Dillon a chance.  You likely won’t regret it.

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