The Vaccine Question-Our Take

This is in the Body section of our site but, it could also be in the Mind.  This article is just an opinion.  We are not going to regurgitate statements promoting or disparaging the COVID vaccines.  Instead, we are going to list out some things you should consider while you exercise your freedom to choose to take an available vaccine or not.

  • What is your main reason for or against the vaccine.  Make sure your motivations are pure and factual.  Do not take it on a false assumption it solves all your problems and fears.  Do not reject it for fear of immediately turning into a flesh-eating zombie.  
  • What is your take on other vaccines.  Are you someone who avoids vaccines like the plague?  Do you get an annual flu vaccine? If you are adamantly against other vaccines, it is only obvious you would also be against these.
  • How is your health.  Are you in a high risk category for COVID?  Obese, preexisting condition, elderly etc.  There is a risk/reward question you need to answer for yourself.
  • Will your occupation require the vaccine.  Employers have not gone as far as to require vaccination yet and we of course hope they never do.  However, there is a very good chance certain countries will require it upon entry.  While we could easily debate the individual freedoms related to such a thing, it makes it no less likely.
  • Is your decision politically motivated.  One thing we are aggressively against is groupthink.  Regardless of how you fall on the political spectrum, the decision to take the vaccine should not be related to your politics.  Think for yourself and make the decision your own.
  • Are you around at risk people.  If you have a family member that is high risk and you are not, this should also weigh into your decision.  Again, this makes the assumption that the vaccines are effective.  It becomes a risk/reward question again.
  • Are you taking your own personal health seriously.  Before you fall back on any man-made drug for security, are you doing all you can do to stay healthy?  Eating well?  Choosing the proper supplements?  Putting in some physical activity?  The body is a resilient thing if treated well.  There is always the chance that even the best of us can develop a horrible illness but, we can also prevent a large portion of it.
  • Are you educating yourself on the vaccines.  Have you looked at unbiased information about the vaccines?  Read up on them, understand them and then make your decision according to the rest of the points above.

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