Our 5 2021 “Resolutions”

Ah yes.  The first week of a new year.  The motivational Instagram posts are flying, the gyms are typically packed (but not this year), the clothes have been taken off of the treadmills and Peloton bikes in homes around the world and the cupboards are stocked with protein bars.  We actually don’t hate resolutions because frankly, if you are going to make a change and actually commit to it, any time is better than never.  So if the dawn of a new year is the catalyst for change, shall be it.  But for us, it is more than money in a bank account, inches off a waist or buying a home.  It’s a bit more internal.  Here are our 5 2021 “resolutions.”

Man standing under orange sky with hands up
  1. Be Humble.  An arrogant person is not a healthy-minded person.  They are always competing with everyone around them to be “the best.”  Their ego controls their thoughts, their actions, their goals and their relationships.  The humble person is thankful while motivated, open while confident and honest while restrained.  
  2. Be Grateful.  This is our top priority for 2021 to the point where we plan to keep a “Gratitude Journal.”  Everyday we plan to write down something we are thankful for.  We all have the shit end of the stick in some way or another but you have to have perspective.  A thankful person can still want more, have motivation and be driven.  But have some perspective about what you have right in front of you or take the risk of losing it.
  3. Be Present.  A big one in today’s virtual world is the ability to logout and be present for life.  That does not mean being at the dinner table while you scroll aimlessly through Twitter or bringing your laptop to your kid’s soccer game.  Be present in all aspects of your life.  Pay attention to the presentation your employee is giving.  Take the sunset in off the back porch even if you see it everyday.  It’s your life.  Be there for it.
  4. Be Committed.  Everyone starts the year off motivated as hell but motivation runs out.  Commitment is the necessary attribute to accomplishing anything meaningful, including this list of resolutions.  Commit yourself to your list of “musts.”  Getting a workout in 5 days per week, tracking your food, meditating 10 minutes per day, reading a book to your kid every night.  If you truly commit, even when you do not feel like doing these things or life starts to get in the way, you will get it done.  Commitment picks up where motivation drops off.
  5. Be Happy.  Sounds stupid when you read it aloud, right?  Somewhere along the way, the world started preaching that you cannot be happy unless you are just content where you are.  Motivation, the hunt for success and hunger cannot live inside someone who is truly happy.  Bullshit.  Happiness coexists with drive, commitment and lofty goals.  You recognize and appreciate what you have but you WANT more.  You know you don’t NEED more but, you want it.  But not at the cost of losing what’s right in front of you.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy those who spend life with you.  Be happy that you have a shitbox car versus no car at all even though you really want to drive a Tesla.  Be happy with that leaky sink realizing you have clean drinking water while still wanting to be in that new home.  Don’t fall into the trap of confusing your drive and hunger with unhappiness and loathing for what you have today.  Make a choice to be happy.

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