Jocko Willink

If you think of a figure of the stereotypical American hero, you probably imagine Jocko Willink.  From first appearances, you can pretty much assume this man spends his time fighting evil and protecting America.  However, there is more than meets the eye.  Let’s take a closer look at the man they call Jocko.

  • Jocko served 20 years in the military as a Navy SEAL
  • He served 8 years on active duty as a SEAL before going through OCS and earning his officer commission.
  • He served all over the world and eventually became a platoon commander.
  • Willink commanded Task Unit Bruiser which included notable SEAL team members such as Chris Kyle and Jonny Kim.
  • Jocko has been awarded the Silver Star and the Bronze Star with Valor.
  • In addition to his military career, Jocko has become a leader in assisting corporations with business strategy and planning.  We discussed this in more detail in this article.
  • Willink has published several leadership books including his most notable Extreme Ownership.
  • Willink is also the author of several children’s books
  • Jocko also co-owns Origin USA which produces jiu-jitsu and lifestyle gear as well as his supplement line.
  • Willink’s podcast, The Jocko Podcast, has become extremely successful after Jocko made several high profile appearances on Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss podcasts.
  • Jocko is a black belt in jiu-jitsu under the legendary fighter, Dean Lister.
  • Jocko still instructs jiu-jitsu at Victory Martial Arts in San Diego, CA.
  • For all of his accomplishments, Willink’s ability to coach, lead and truly have a visceral impact on anyone who will listen to him are what make him an absolute icon.

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