Fedor Emelianenko

“I’ve never considered myself a legend-just a simple man with heart.”  We are not so sure a better quote exists for what makes Fedor the very thing he does not label himself, a legend.  If you are an MMA buff, then you know who Fedor is.  Let’s relive the glory days and discuss what makes him more than worthy of a spot on our Featured Alphas list.

  1. He began training sambo and judo as a child and became one of the best in Russia.  Multiple Russian championship gold medals, European medals and wins at the pinnacle of the sport, the World Championships.
  2. His is extremely modest and gives the credit for his success to God.  Fedor is a deeply religious man grounded in the Russian Orthodox religion.  He has stated on multiple occasions that he fights for the glory of God.
  3.  Nobody beat him for 10 years.  Fedor went for an incredible 27 wins and 1 draw over the course of 10 years.  Nearly 80% of his victories came by submission or KO/TKO.
  4. His brother, Alexander, was also a very feared and successful MMA fighter.  Unfortunately, Alexander does not have the same character as Fedor and has been plagued by legal problems stemming from some horrible criminal acts.  Alexander is also often known by the terrifying tattoo of a reaper holding a child on his back.
  5. In MMA, Fedor has beaten some of the most prolific names in the sport.  Mir, Arvlovski, Hunt, Nogueira, Coleman, Jackson and Crocop to name a few.  
  6. Growing up very poor, Fedor had few options so he joined the military.  He credits the military with both making him tougher and, sharpening his skills in martial arts.
  7. Although Fedor rarely showed emotion, he has always been known as a professional and kind fighter.  An example of this was the kindness he showed to Mark Coleman’s young children after brutally beating Coleman.  It was important for Fedor to show the kids he was not a monster and this was just their dad’s job and when the work was over, everyone was cordial.
  8. As of 2021, Fedor is not officially retired.  Scott Coker of Bellator has said he hopes to hold Fedor’s final fight in Russia in front of at least 30,000 fans.  While the 44 year old’s dynasty days are behind him, we hesitate to ever doubt a man such as the Last Emperor.

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