Best Private Messaging Apps

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2020 and into 2021, there has been a lot of noise about censorship and privacy in regards to the Internet.  Recently, messaging applications have also been part of this conversation.  With controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s new data policies, many users are looking for alternative ways to communicate privately.  Let’s take a look at some options. Signal.  … Read more

5 Best Portable Chargers For Your Devices

2 phones charging

With almost everything going digital and much of our social life, business and personal life somewhat reliant on devices (even if you are not a renowned vlogger), keeping them charged has never been more important.  Lucky for us, it has also never been easier.   Portable charging banks have been around for several years but over … Read more

10 Best Wireless Headphones

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Best Wireless Headphones Running and weight training acts as the backbones of an effective exercise routine. When we try to picture the concept of a “great training day,” we always visualize it with only one device and that is wireless headphones. We all have had days when working out has felt like a tiresome task … Read more