Cannabis is Big Business

This is not breaking news but, cannabis is becoming big business.  It has been a steady climb over the last several years but now is the time that the market is starting to truly explode.  A democrat as President, more and more states legalizing the crop and its overall acceptance at an all time high, let’s look at some things to keep an eye on over the next few years for cannabis and how you may be able to make a bit of coin off the upswing.

-CBD products are as common as aloe vera now.  You can buy them at almost any grocery store and they come in a variety of forms.  Sleep aids, aids for muscle soreness and even more.  Considering CBD comes from the cannabis plant, you cannot really have one without the other.  Keep in mind, this mention of CBD refers to the kind absent of any THC.  The other we will discuss below.

-Medical marijuana is legal in more than 30 states and more coming.  From cancer to PTSD to chronic pain to epilepsy, medical marijuana has been proven to help the symptoms of these debilitating diseases and ailments.  Now that medical use is gaining even more steam, there is likely to be even more medical benefits uncovered which will only prompt the crop to gain even more popularity.

-More than 10 states have legalized recreational usage of marijuana.  So, you have pretty much mass approval without THC, nearly mass approval for medical exemptions and now a growing number of states where it is legal to use recreationally as well.  Starting to look a bit like this thing is picking up some serious steam.

-So, how do I get into it?  Well, lucky for all of us, weed is mainstream.  Our advice, look to the big money in the industries where cannabis will be complementary:  tobacco distribution and farming, vertical farming, hydroponics, horticulture lighting and equipment, pharma etc.  

-For our money, we look at people like Canopy Growth Corporation, Hawthorne, CBDMD, Grow Generation and others.  All of these are public stocks and available and, there are also cannabis specific ETF funds as well to invest in.  The common denominator we like to look for is the strength and the standing of the parent company of some of these cannabis stocks.  Major distributors, major brands that already have sales channels etc.

Whether you partake in the crop or not, cannabis is likely here to stay and beyond that, is going to continue to rise.  The market is hot and growth has been excessive over the last couple years so, if you get in today, you are likely getting in at the highs.  But, even with dips in the overall market, cannabis should hold strong as it is fairly independent of other market factors.  We are in and will likely keep investing more.  Good luck and go green!

Cannabis leaves and tincture

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