Americans Prohibited-Travel Ideas During COVID-19

With many of our summers plans destroyed, we find ourselves wondering what to do.  Traveling abroad is not 100% prohibited but, the main destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America for sure have either disallowed Americans or, put some fairly stringent requirements around travel there.  Hell, Cambodia wants $3K just in case you bring something in.  Have no fear, we have a few ideas and to make it even easier for you, we will keep them domestic.

Hit Up A National Park

There are plenty of options to choose from here.  Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite…all open.  Of course, there are tons more to choose from but these are the big ones.  Where to start?  Check out a book on the matter and a fantastic $2 Prime video on it here.  When you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to check out the below options we have compiled for you.

Venture Pal Waterproof Hiking Backpack

This highly durable hiking backpack from Venture is incredibly lightweight and offers a 40L storage space for your belongings on the road. It weighs only 0.7 pounds, can easily fold into its pocket for storage. It is available in several color options including Purple Leaf, Black, Blue, Red, and Navy.

Garmin High-Sensitivity GPS

Whether you are in the deepest part of the woods or the highest point of a canyon, Garmin High-Sensitivity GPS will make sure that you get back home safe and sound. GPSMAP 64st features a 2.6-inch sunlight color screen which makes it easy to read for the user. We also love the fact that it comes with a 3-axis electronic compass with barometric altimeter.

Morakniv Outdoor Knife

Morakniv does not disappoint when it comes to performance as this versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife is made for 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. Perfect for carving and cutting timber, Morakniv sits comfortably in the hand, especially in wet and cold conditions. It is available in several color options including Magenta, Desert Tan, Orange, and Military Green.

ALPS Mountaineering Hiking Tent

If you plan on embarking an adventure on your own, this one-person tent will provide you the ultimate shelter on your escapades. This free-standing, aluminum two-pole design is a breeze to set up and packs in an extremely lightweight package for easy transportation. Plus, it comes with a coated floor for wet weather protection.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Weighing only 3.2 ounces, you won’t even notice wearing this flashlight from Foxelli. The easily adjustable, ergonomically designed elastic headband gives the ultimate comfort for you while enlightening your way while fixing things at night. What we love the most is that it has an SOS and strobe mode that will keep you safe in any situation.

Life’s a Beach

Did you know the US has nearly 100K miles of coastline?  Well, we do.  That is a whole lot of opportunity for you to venture to a beach you’ve never seen before.  Don’t know where to begin?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. 30A on the panhandle of Florida offers multiple little beach towns.  Food, white sand, every SEC college kid’s vacation destination.  What else are you looking for?
  2. Surfside Beach in Texas.  Never heard of it?  Exactly.  Pop a short flight to Houston and make your way to Surfside.
  3. Carson Beach in South Boston.  South Boston is more known for its legendary Irish population, scenes from several crime movies, and heavy accents than its beach.  But combine all that with a beach and you’ve got a great day ahead.
  4. Seal Beach in California.  Orange County, CA is full of amazing beaches and most of them jammed with locals and tourists.  While many flocks there, make your way to Seal Beach for amazing views, waves ready to surf, and close to shopping and wildlife refuge.  Minus the OC crowds.
  5. Edisto Beach, South Carolina.  Sure, everyone knows Charleston but Edisto is truly a gem.  You can only get there via SC Highway 174 and when you do, you’ll never want to leave.  Probably will have to though because living in Edisto Beach is only a population of 400 people and there just isn’t property going around.

MIU COLOR Outdoor Blanket

Providing ample space for 2 persons lying down or 4 persons sitting with extra room for food, drinks, and more, MIU will surely enhance your beach day. When the sun is set, just fold it and carry it with its convenient handle.

Laguna Beach Cabana Beach Towel

We love the fact that this towel is oversized, at 70” x 35” to be exact. Made from high-quality soft cotton, it is thicker, plusher, and more absorbent than its competitors. Plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

What difference does it make than an ordinary day if you can’t bring your beer with you when you head out the beach on a hot summer day? Keep your sandwiches and wine fresh and cold with YETI’s amazing permafrost Insulation. Feeling tired? This one comes with wheels.

Stay Home

That’s right…just stay home.  If you are anything like us, you are constantly on the go.  Even without business travel and the commute, we still find ourselves rushing from one task to another and rarely stopping to enjoy what we already have.  Why not take a few days off, turn the phone off, keep the laptop powered down, and enjoy your space.  

Maybe it’s a trip to pick up a coffee from the mom and pop shop down the street you never had time for.  Maybe it’s wine on your back porch that you never get around to.  Maybe it is just sleeping in your bed until your body says it’s time to get up and nothing else.  During these times, whatever you have should be appreciated and rarely do we take time to appreciate the things around us.  Grab a book, turn on Netflix, do yourself a favor, and start Bosch on Prime.  Whatever it is, enjoy your space and what you have.

George Foreman Electric Grill

This one would undoubtedly facilitate you in getting rid of those quarantine blues. 240 square inches of circular grilling surface, easy-to-remove stand, nonstick coating… What else do you ask for?

Oculus VR Headset

Do you want to feel the adrenaline? Well, this VR headset from Oculus would grant you all the tech you need to have that well-deserved fun whether it be playing games or watching a movie in virtual reality.

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