5 Ways to Make Your Health Comeback

For us, it seems like it has been a year of ups and downs and in more ways than one.  Our health has absolutely been one of those fluid things.  While we are always “watching what we eat” and consistently doing some working out, we have not been as disciplined as we have been in the past.  So, we can benefit from this as much as anyone.  Let’s take a look at some ways to get back on your horse and make your health comeback.

  1. Realize that everyone experiences inconsistency.  Everyone goes through battles of falling off the wagon with workouts or nutrition or any other healthy habits.  You travel and you have 3 off days.  You get sick and miss a week.  Work gets crazy and your schedule falters.  It is totally normal.  The difference between permanent failure and just a bout of inconsistency is the bounce back.
  2. Do not let a momentary lapse turn into an extended hiatus.  How many times have you had a cheat meal and then said to yourself “screw it” and continued eating like garbage for the next 2 days?  Probably quite a few.  This is by far the biggest mistake that is made. A piece of cake can just be a piece of cake.  It does not have to turn into 12 straight hours of indulging in crap foods.  A missed workout can just be a missed workout.  No reason to let it be an excuse for a week off.  Do not fall into this trap.
  3. Make a plan for your comeback.  If you have fallen down for an extended period of time, it is better to plan out your comeback than to just wing it.  Plan out your days, your workouts, your diet.  Make an actual regimen that you can stick to and allow discipline to take over.  
  4. Let motivation be what gets you back up but, let discipline be the driving force.  Whether it’s training for a fight, wanting to get back in shape for summer, being healthier to prevent disease, or any other motivating factor to start your program back, understand that motivation can be a catalyst but discipline is what will keep you going.  Motivation ran out and that is what put you in comeback mode.  Discipline is for longevity and we have covered this topic extensively.
  5. Realize it is a marathon, not a sprint.  This is not novel advice, you have heard it before.  But, so many people want to jump on the train and expect to get to their destination immediately.  Realize it is a lifestyle you are after and not a period of time.  This will make it so much easier for you to stay on your plan if in your mind, it becomes habit and reality versus some momentary change in behavior.  

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