5 Reasons to Remain Humble

We get it.  You have worked your ass off and you are seeing the results.  You just won gold at a jiu-jitsu tournament.  You just got promoted at work.  You are finally able to buy that expensive car.  There is nothing wrong with having a sense of pride in your accomplishments or more importantly, in the work you have put in to get to where you are. But, the ability to remain humble is critical to not only your relationships, your career and your future but, also your own happiness.  Let’s look at 5 of the many reasons to remain humble.

  1. There is always someone better or more accomplished than you.  Success and ego often come hand in hand.  Without a healthy ego, you may accept things beneath your true worth and you may allow the world to walk all over you.  With an unhealthy inflated ego, you may feel as though you are untouchable and bulletproof.  There has to be a balance of both.  If you look at the most successful athletes, even the ones with very public egos who display a high level of arrogance, you will notice they still work…very hard.  They call themselves the best yet they still spend hours everyday perfecting their craft.  They are well aware that there is always someone out there with more natural talent or more drive and that person is working and waiting for the incumbent to take a break and let his ego give him a sense of security.  No matter if it is sports, finances, profession…you are not bulletproof.  
  2. Life can change your situation instantly.  Yesterday you were the one beating everyone else in the gym.  You outworked them, out hustled them and you beat them.  This is where you get so much of your overall sense of pride and confidence.  Today, a truck ran a red light and hit your car.  You are not paralyzed but your road to recovery will be very long and full of complications and challenges.  Your identity prior to this accident was the fact that you were the best fighter in the gym.  You were known as the one nobody could defeat or outwork.  Now, you are bedridden and nearly helpless.  It is important to remember that nothing is guaranteed.  Accidents, illness, acts of God…these things do occur and can change your life in an instant.  It is important to be thankful for today and to be sure your identity and self worth is not dependent on a single thing that can be taken away so easily.
  3. You should never stop learning.  If you think you know everything, what else is there left to learn?  The most successful people on the planet are those that realize there is always something to learn from everyone and from every situation.  No matter how terrible the situation or how much of a failure you may see in someone, you must open to your eyes to what you can learn.  At the very least, it may be what NOT to do versus how to do something better.  
  4. Arrogance can be a real turnoff.  Not too long ago one of our contributors was interviewing for a new position.  When it came time to negotiate salary for a relatively young and somewhat inexperienced new employee, the employee made the statement “You are trying to pay me like I am a Hyundai and I consider myself a Porsche.”  As we alluded to in #1, having a healthy ego is critical.  But, an ego without merit or an ego that spills into how you carry yourself in a way that truly dissuades others from wanting to be around you…not a great idea.  There are ways to make it known that you feel your value is more than what is being offered without sounding like a complete tool.  And, if you truly feel that way about yourself, then you may want to ask why you are in the situation you are in to begin with.  Maybe there is a disconnect between YOUR reality and reality.  Relationships, employment….be careful of your arrogance.
  5. It allows you to “let go.”  Realizing you can see beyond yourself, you can see value in others, you can handle change, you can admit wrong and you can constantly learn will help transform you into a happier, and dare we say, better person.  You will be looked at as someone who is secure in life and knows their worth but, can also lift others up and look to others for help.  You will be seen as a more well-rounded individual with leadership potential.  But the most important part of all of this is, you will respect and love your place in the world.  You will be proud of your life and yourself while also respecting the lack of control you have and the vast amount you do not know yet.  This creates a sense of gratitude and fulfillment while still allowing you to be just as driven as you need to be.  Be humble and let it go.

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