5 Movies We Watched In March

We actually had some downtime this past month and we were able to take in a few movies.  These are all available from either Amazon, Disney+, Hulu or Netflix as we streamed all of them at home.  Here are 5 we watched and recommend you do the same.

Boss Level.  Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts start in this action packed thriller.  Grillo really shines as the lead here and Gibson adds flavor as the bad guy.  Awesome action combined with some pretty stellar humor.  We loved this one.  Available on Hulu.

The Beach Bum. We have no idea how a movie with a cast like this went basically undetectable but, we were pleasantly surprised to find it on Hulu. Matthew McConaughey is complemented by an awesome cast including Snoop Dogg and Jonah Hill.  Part comedy, part acid trip, part drama.  The movie is entertaining from start to finish and has appearances from other noticeable celebs in addition to the main cast.

Parasite.  OK, maybe we are late to the game in regards to watching this Oscar-winner but, better late than never. A Korean film with English subtitles, you have to pay a little attention.  Thrilling, dramatic and disturbing.  It displays a deep portrait of a poor, Korean family and the lengths they will go to pull themselves up from the bottom and protect each other.  The film also adds a bit of comedy to the mix which is great because the second half of the movie is pretty intense.  Hulu.

American Murder:  The Family Next Door.  This a documentary that we found on Netflix about the gruesome murder of a mother and her children.  The true events happened in 2018 in Colorado and follow the Watts family as they eventually meet their disturbing end.  It will make you angry, sad and curious all at once.

Soul.  Yup, a Disney movie has made the list.  Available to stream on Disney +, Soul is a pretty deep movie and yet, does very well even with young kids.  Exploring what happens when a jazz musician loses his life in an accident, Soul takes place through a cosmic journey to both the afterlife and before life begins.  Lots of lessons and messages and combined with a soundtrack backed up by Trent Reznor, it is pretty engaging.

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