5 Amazon Original Series To Stream Now

Many of us have spent the last several months hanging around the house more than we are accustomed to.  COVID-19 has forced us to stick close to home and forgo much of our normal summer social life.  Now that we are heading into fall, at least we can feel a bit more normal when we spend our Friday nights in front of the television.  With so much streaming content to choose from, it is becoming harder and harder to decide which streaming services are worth our time and money and which should get the pass.

While Netflix, Disney, Hulu and others are strictly independent streaming services that you only join with the intent of streaming content, Amazon is a bit different.  Many of us joined Amazon Prime years ago to take advantage of lightning fast shipping and other benefits.  While Netflix and Disney often get the most attention for their original content, Amazon is no slouch with its programming.  For the purposes of this article, we want to focus on our favorite Amazon Original Series and hopefully lead you to watch something you may have glazed over.

The Boys

Superhero shows tend to be a bit overplayed and far too common.  However, The Boys is something completely different.  The superheroes in this series show the world what happens when icons of strength, power, country and wholesomeness use their powers for their own personal gain and amusement rather than for good.  Violence, sex, obscenities and dark story lines make up this 2 season series and while parts of it may be ridiculous, it is nothing short of very entertaining.

Watch The Boys Here:


While many of us would choose a frying pan to the head before we watch another cop show, Bosch is an exception to that rule.  Based on Michael Connelly’s novels, Bosch follows an LAPD homicide detective through some very dark and disturbing story lines.  Missing kids, crooked cops, dead prostitute mothers…pretty much the full gamut exists in this 6 season run.  Some of the acting leaves a bit to be desired but the title character played by Titus Williver of Lost fame will for sure suck you in and keep you binging season after season.

Watch Bosch Here:


Another series about criminal law?  Yes.  Goliath, which stars Billy Bob Thornton, is anything but typical.  Thornton stars as an alcoholic, somewhat sex-addicted washed up attorney who used to be a hotshot before his self-destructive demise.  But when the opportunity comes up to pursue a lawsuit against the mega firm he helped start, he jumps at the opportunity.  And that is where the fun begins.  Through 3 seasons we see everything from corporate espionage to Native American crime syndicates to amputee fetishes and beyond.  Thornton is in his element and there is not a second that you do not believe he is in fact Billy McBride, the drunk, wacked out attorney he portrays.

Watch Goliath Here:

The Man In The High Castle

Imagine an alternate universe where the Nazis and the Japanese won World War II and divided America between them.  If you find yourself struggling to picture what that may look like, do yourself a favor and just turn on The Man In The High Castle.  Produced by Ridley Scott and based on a novel of the same name, that is exactly the premise for this 4 season series.  However, add a whole lot of plot twists and a big dose of science fiction and you end up with the finished product.  The acting is superb, the plot is thought provoking and the premise is frightening.  There are certainly some political undertones to the show but regardless of your affiliation, this show is pure entertainment while strange at times.

Watch The Man In The High Castle Here:           

The Patriot

A personal favorite of our founder’s, The Patriot is a CIA spy series for people who hate CIA spy series.   It focuses on an unassuming CIA agent going undercover in a small, Midwestern piping firm in order to prevent a situation in the Middle East from going bad.  It is quirky, full of satire and the producers of the show clearly take chances and do not take themselves too seriously.  The characters are not black and white and come fully developed with dark pasts, demons yet aspirations all the same.  This 2 season series is a show that absolutely did not get the publicity it deserved and it is one that should make your “must watch” list.

Watch The Patriot Here:

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