3 Unconventional Business Influencers

Many of us are familiar with the “business” experts that have been passed to us from bosses, parents, pastors, etc.  If you are like us, some of these books make you want to vomit and simultaneously light the book on fire.  To not pee in anyone’s Cheerio’s we are not going to name names but you likely know what we are talking about.  To truly become the best you in business as in life, it often doesn’t make some feel-good book with some cute slogans and soft advice.  It takes blunt, straight talk from people that understand the pressure and understand what it takes to succeed.  Here are our favorites.

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is the definition of an Alpha.  Not because he was a Navy Seal.  Not because he holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Not because he wakes up every day at 4:33 AM to workout.  Jocko is an Alpha because of his commitment to discipline and to constantly improving himself and those around him.  The man is an expert at so many things and could easily take a break but instead, he continues to work at everything he does as if he still has something to prove.  He has written several books but for business,

Extreme Ownership is the best place to start.

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Listen to his podcast here.

David Goggins

David Goggins is also an ex-Navy Seal and a certified badass.  Having at one point been an out of shape, self-described “lazy piece of sh*t” to a Navy Seal and now, an ultra-marathoner.  Goggins has accomplished a lot and done it from very humble beginnings.  Perhaps best known for his “40% rule” which basically states that most of us only use 40% of our abilities or our capacities, he has written an outstanding book which can be used in business as well as in life.

Buy Can’t Hurt Me here.

Tim Ferris


With an amazingly successful podcast, book catalog, and past television shows, Tim Ferris is a very well rounded individual.  Unlike our previously mentioned influencers, he is not a combat veteran and instead takes a much more intellectual path to success.  Ferris famously authored The 4-Hour Workweek as well as numerous other books to offer advice to those of us killing ourselves only hoping to retire at a much older age.  While Ferris may not be as “motivating” as Willink or Goggins, his detailed and intellectual approach to the concepts he discusses are spot on.

Buy The 4-Hour Workweek here.

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Final Thought

These are only a few of the “Alpha” influencers we follow fairly religiously.  It is highly doubtful this will be the last you hear of these guys and we hope you take the time to become acquainted with them and their work.

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