3 Travel Vloggers Worth a Look

It is nearly impossible to scroll through social media without coming across at least 1 feed of a travel blogger or vlogger. These are the people that have somehow figured out a way to earn money by venturing around the world and recording everything from the wild to the mundane. While much of these bloggers have taken a hiatus during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are still quite a few putting out content. Like many things in life, they are not all created equal. Here are a few of our favorites.

Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr is a Norwegian who has basically been traveling the world since the year 2000. While during his early years, he often wrote about exploits and advice mainly for single men, over the last couple of years he has been focused elsewhere. With his Scandinavian approach to experiences and life (he is a fairly blunt guy), he has become quite popular on YouTube and Instagram.  His mix of humor, intellect, and adventure is pretty interesting and unique to often a much more superficial world of travel blogging.  To see Baldr in his most positive light, the video of him changing a Sri Lankan tea shop owner’s life is fairly incredible. 

Drew Binsky


Drew Binsky is another blogger that seems to offer a fairly authentic experience to his fans. Binsky is not yet 30 years old and as of August 2020, has already traveled to 191 countries. Binsky’s plan was to visit every country in the world but COVID-19 has since put those plans on hold. After college, Binsky taught English in Seoul, South Korea and it was during this time he really got a taste for being abroad as just in an 18 month period, he visited 20 countries in Asia.  Binsky has gone to some precarious locations during his quest to visit every country and has had his fair share of dangers and challenges. One of the more popular travel bloggers out there, Binsky has over 5 million followers and his YouTube videos have over 1 billion views. Binsky expects to release his own documentary, Border 197 in December 2020 although it may be pushed back due to the pandemic.

Benjamin Rich (Bald and Bankrupt)


Benjamin Rich or otherwise known as Mr. Bald is a travel vlogger who focuses much of his attention on the Indian subcontinent and on the former USSR. As of July 2020, he has over 2 million followers and more than 250 million views. Rich has quite a long history traveling as what started as a backpacking journey way back in 1993, turned into him living in India for more than 4 years and running a small hotel.  He also spent quite some time in Moscow and speaks Russian as well as several other languages fluently.  Rich is very well respected as a vlogger who shows the real and authentic people and places of the areas he visits. From very poor Roma gypsy villages in Slovakia to refugee camps in India, Mr. Bald likes to connect and expose the world to real people and show that much of the negativity people hear is overblown. Rich’s YouTube channel, Bald and Bankrupt has many fans including YouTube celebrity PewDiePie and he has written a book on Belarus under the pseudonym Arthur Chichester.

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