10 Cool Gadgets To Keep Track of Your Health Under $30

There are gadgets and gizmos for every hobby and interest under the sun. Some are more for novelty than any practical use.  However, there are times technology can benefit your lifestyle and here, we highlight 5 best gadgets that the tech gets right when it comes to health and fitness.

The RENPHO Body Fat Scale with Bluetooth and Mobile App

You may or may not know that hydrostatic weighing is the most accurate way to test body fat percentage however, it is expensive and inconvenient to do on a regular basis.  Then there are calipers and a few other ways to get an idea of your body fat none of which offer the benefits that the RENPHO scale offers.  Body fat, BMI, skeletal muscle, bone mass and metabolic age are only a few of the 13 key body composition numbers the RENPHO scale provides.  And of course the best part is that it syncs with your phone and a variety of complementary apps.  Step on the scale and let your phone record all the data and you can easily track your progress.  All for a very reasonable price.  We have not found a better scale out there for the money.

Etekcity Stainless Steel Food Scale

When it comes to seriously watching your nutrition and tracking your daily macros, eyeing your portions is not part of the equation.  A food scale is a must for anyone who takes tracking their daily food choices seriously and who lives and dies by the data.  There are tons of scales out there but the Etekcity Stainless Steel Food Scale is by far the best one we have found.  Multifunctional with weight measured in a variety of measurement modes and with a capacity of 11lbs, this scale can do it all.  Combine that with its stainless steel and durable platform and you get the real deal.  Nearly 30K reviews cannot be wrong.

Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Taking your blood pressure measurements is not just for the sick or the unhealthy.  Monitoring your blood pressure as well as your resting heart rate can be an excellent indicator of overall cardiovascular health as well as a good indicator of how your body reacts to different stressors, diet and exercise.  The Care Touch Monitor takes blood pressure measurements and heart rate measurements in seconds, all from your wrist.  It is easy, effective and allows you to track your measurements with the ability to store up to 120 readings.  It is one of the most popular monitors out there for good reason and well within budget.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

Again, there are hundreds of fitness trackers on the market and across all different budgets.  When it comes to fitness trackers, you need to determine what you really need and for most people that is heart rate, activity, and sleep tracking along with the functionality of a watch.  The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR gives you all that plus connected GPS, multiple sports modes, ability to see caller ID and SMS/notification alerts and much more.  All of this for 25% of the cost of the more well-known fitness trackers.

La Reveuse Personal Size Blender

Whether you are making vegan smoothies or protein packed shakes, anyone dedicated to a healthy lifestyle is likely to need a blender of some sort.  While there are your typical full size blenders and your boutique smoothie makers out there, La Reveuse Personal Size Blender gets you the most bang for your buck.  250 watts of power along with 2 BPA free bottles, this 8 in 1 device can be used for everything from blending up a shake to pureeing your favorite sauce.  Easy to use, easy to clean and about a quarter of the cost of similar alternatives.

Light Therapy Lamp

As summer is nearing its end, soon we will have less opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sun.  In a normal year, sunlight is important to our overall health and well being.  In 2020, with Coronavirus around, it is more critical than ever.  Some studies have even suggested that Vitamin D deficiency can increase risk of serious illness related to COVID-19.  One way to counteract this when going outside is not an option is via a Sun Lamp.  This UV free lamp mimics the sun’s light and initiates a circadian response in your body as if you had just been in the actual sun.  All it takes is 30 minutes to an hour per day to get the positive impact.

Sleep Headphones/Mask Combination

Just as daylight is critical to health, so is deep sleep.  As a society, we often lack the recommended minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.  Sometimes our schedules make this unavoidable but sometimes, it is just that we cannot sleep peacefully. That is where a sleep mask that has built in Bluetooth headphones really helps.  You can block out 100% of light even if you sleep on your side and you can connect your smartphone to play whatever soothing audio you prefer.  One charge lasts 8+ hours so should get you through an entire night’s sleep.

Saturation Oxygen Monitor

Again, monitoring your oxygen levels is a great way to keep track of another important aspect of your health anytime but during COVID-19, it may be more than a luxury health tool.  Often sports enthusiasts such as climbers and cyclists will monitor their SpO2 to be sure they are getting adequate oxygen levels.  These days, we hear of people monitoring their SpO2 during times of illness to be informed of their oxygen absorption.  While this device is for sports and aviation, it is a good product to use as at least an indicator of SpO2 levels compared to your baseline and it monitors heart rate as well.

Invisible Posture Corrector

Many of us never pay attention to our posture.  We may sit slumped over a computer all day or even weight train with poor form yet, we never take a look at how we are sitting or standing.  Like many things in life, posture can be corrected through proper form and repetition.  Wearing a posture corrector that only you will know is there is one way to get started on fixing the very basis for much of your skeletal health.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been shown to improve sleep, anxiety, ADHD and possibly even complications from autism.  On the surface it may seem as a fairly simple product but the physiology of using one of these blankets is anything but simple and can be a huge benefit for a small price.  There are multiple dimensions and weights available so follow beginner guidelines accordingly but this can be a great addition to any home.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, you can eat healthy, track your daily nutrition and fitness and live an overall healthy lifestyle while on a budget.  At the end of the day it is the dedication and effort you put into it, not the cool tech, that is going to make or break your lifestyle goals.  So, save that money for the steaks (or vegan protein powder) and get your gadgets on the low.

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